Alaska Stoker Stoves

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Valley View Farm is a distributor for Blaschak anthracite coal. Click for more information about fuel for your stove.

Alaska Stoker Stoves

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Valley View Farm Coal Burning Stoves
Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about one of the most exciting things to happen in home heating. Sometimes to move forward, we have to take what looks like a step back! Valley View Farm specializes in coal burning stoves. Did you know that... • A coal burning stove can auto burn up to 5 days? • They are cleaner, more economical and produce twice the heat as pellet stoves? • A coal burning stove will heat your home for about 1/2 the cost of oil, 1/3 the cost of propane and 1/4 the cost of electricity? • The stoves heat from 5,000 to 170,000 BTU's? • No chimney is required? • Our stoves burn clean with low emissions and low exhaust temperatures? • Fuel prices are stable? • There is no worry about chimney fires or chimney cleaning? Ahh... well then read on to see what else you have been missing!