Valley View Farm is a distributor for Blaschak anthracite coal.

Packaging- Blaschak anthracite coal is conveniently packaged in 40-pound plastic handle bags. Take a few home in the trunk of your car, have a pallet loaded into your truck, or we can deliver it.

All Coal is not the same- Anthracite is a highly carbonated form of clean burning coal that is different from the more commonly known bituminous (soft) coal. It is the oldest, hardest and cleanest form of coal. Premium Blaschak is one of the purest forms of anthracite coal. It is consistently lower in ash, impurities and higher in BTU’s than most other brands. Since its discovery in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1769, anthracite (hard) coal has been providing even, comfortable, economical heat for homes, schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, office buildings, military bases, and other institutions throughout the country. Anthracite helped fuel the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the century and meet the tremendous energy and production demands of World Wars I and II. Anthracite also makes up a great portion of all municipal water filtration beds used throughout the country for purifying the water we drink.

There is no other fuel, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, that is so concentrated as Anthracite, and which contains so many heat units per cubic inch. A lump of Blaschak anthracite contains about one and one-half times as many heat units as the same volume of oil, four times as much as seasoned hard-maple firewood, and more than 2000 times as many heat units as the same volume of city gas. Blaschak anthracite offers more convenience, and longer intervals between refueling, than any other solid fuel.

Smokeless combustion and low sulfur content- Because of its natural chemical low volatile composition, Anthracite is inherently smokeless under all conditions, and it is the only natural smokeless fuel. Bituminous (soft) coal on the other hand is all too well known as a polluter and smoke offender. Smoke may be produced when oil is burned under unfavorable conditions. Quantities of soot can even be produced from gas. In contrast, it is impossible to produce smoke, soot, or tar from Anthracite under any combustion conditions. Thus Blaschak anthracite can be used where wood burning is restricted because of air pollution problems. It is also this feature that eliminates the threat of chimney fires and the need to clean the chimney. Blaschak anthracite is also lower in sulfur content than most fuel oil.

Not a fire or explosion hazard, safe and easy to store-there is no limit to the amount which can be stored inside or outside your home. There is no record of Anthracite firing spontaneously. Anthracite does not present any fire or explosion hazard from leakage. Anthracite will not leach into the soil, making it perfectly safe to store! Even store a year’s supply in your back yard-it doesn’t need to be kept dry, it’s been in the earth for a billion years a few more months outside won’t hurt it.

Environmentally responsible energy- Today, Blaschak anthracite mining is no longer done on virgin land. More than 7 billion tons of Anthracite is available for mining in abandoned, previously mined sites. All coal mining is subject to the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, which requires that surface-mined land be returned to at least its pre-mined condition. Therefore, after retrieving the coal from the old abandoned mines, Blaschak Coal Corp reclaims the land by planting trees and grass, helping redirect water to stream naturally as well as creating natural ponds and wet lands, allowing wildlife to return to those once scared areas. The by-product which comes from the processing and washing of the Anthracite is burned in electric co-generation facilities, thereby completing the environmental circle. In addition, a portion of the price of each ton of Anthracite sold goes towards a federal fund which is used to reclaim abandoned mines from generations past!

Americans unite-today, as more Americans are searching for an economical, environmentally responsible fuel for their homes and businesses, Anthracite is making resurgence. Feel good about supporting this environmentally responsible fuel, while enjoying the economy, quality, and convenience of anthracite, while minimizing our dependence upon imported fuels. Blaschak anthracite is mined by American workers on American soil; therefore it is not subjected to foreign politics. The result is stable and economic pricing and ready availability.

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